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Chelsea Handler Isn’t a Comedienne; She’s a Bully.

Chelsea Handler is a comedienne, by trade, who has forgotten that her job, by definition, is to make people laugh. But like the rest of her celebrity cronies, she's swapped real jokes for mean-spirited anti-Trump platitudes, and all but forsaken half of her potential audience.

Her eponymous show on Netflix had about 16 viewers and was ultimately cancelled—can’t imagine why.

Now she wants to be a political activist. Evidently, Handler's idea of political activism is posting increasingly moronic comments on Twitter insulting president Donald Trump.

Anyone needing proof of the total disconnect between Handler and reality, need look no further than her Twitter feed. As people throughout southern California literally run for their lives as raging fires sweep across the landscape, Handler took a moment from evacuating her own home to blame Donald Trump for the fires.


Donald Trump is "literally" setting the world on fire? Yes, the president of the United States went out to California with a box of matches and a tin of lighter fluid and set the fire.

Handler is insane. This isn't comedy. It isn't satire. It isn't parody. This is the rambling of a woman in dire need of psychological help.

Clearly, Handler is keenly unaware there is a difference between being a wildly uninformed, intolerant, hate-filled, hypocritical millionaire with socialist views, and being emotionally deranged. She hasn't displayed this level of lunacy since her rambling series of inane tweets accusing the president of collusion with the Russians.

If you gave any credence to Handler's propaganda, you’d believe Vladimir Putin was running a fiendishly diabolical plan of election sabotage from an underground super-lair using the pseudonym Ernst Stavro Blofeld while spearheading SPECTRE’s march toward world domination.

Her assertion, and those of her equally ignorant celebrity minions, is Russian interference stole the election from Hillary Clinton—a claim so patently absurd it’s cartoonish. Putin went from world leader to Bond villain.

Handler spends so much time pushing Russian interference she likely spends weekends eating borscht and bathing in vats of Stolichnaya.

She is emblematic of Hollywood’s whining, thin-skinned temperament. They don't like being told, "No." They always get what they want but when they don't, they stomp their feet on the floor like the entitled brats they are. And ever since Election Day 2016, it's been a nonstop barrage of foot stomping.

Establishment “comedians,” and, for that matter, all manner of Establishment “entertainers,” seemingly never consider that not everyone agrees with their politics. They abandon jokes for rancor—flagrantly disregarding decorum and respect. Handler once posted a photo of herself on Twitter where she’s standing topless with her pants pulled down and the words, “Trump is a butt hole” written above her—well—butt hole. She included the caption, “I mean this with the utmost disrespect.”

Of course she meant it with disrespect. It was the same sort of disrespect Handler showed the First Lady when asked, in a video interview with Variety, if she’d ever book Mrs. Trump on her show. Handler answered, “To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

Melania Trump speaks five languages fluently: Slovenian, English, French, German, and Serbian.

That Handler would assume the First Lady, or the president of the United States, would ever want to appear on a two-bit internet show, shows just how out-of-touch she is. But that’s Hollywood hubris—believing your own hype; believing yourself above others; believing yourself smarter— and that somehow fame is a license to do and say whatever you want without consequence.

Handler doesn’t just hold animus for the president and First Lady, she thinks it acceptable to attack his children too. She's condoned bullying Barron Trump, insulted Eric Trump after he announced he and his wife were expecting their first child, made fun of Tiffany Trump for not seeing her dad that much when she was growing up, and ripped into Ivanka Trump because Handler thinks she should do more to influence her father on women’s issues: “I’m like, ‘You need to tell that f**king *sshole this is an unacceptable way to treat women; we’re moving backwards!’”

Chelsea Handler isn’t a comedienne; she’s a bully.

She's also the idiot who blamed the president for starting a wild fire. Sadly for Handler, there's more bad news. I hear President Trump has plans for Ragnarok and is conspiring with Loki (and Putin) for the destruction of Earth. This time he's planning an earthquake.

Hope her Twitter-finger is ready.

DAVE ERICKSON is the author, with Fox News contributor, Nick Adams, of the book, "The Case Against the Establishment."

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