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Malevolence & Hate: the Tao of Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell stopped making people laugh a very long time ago. Since then she’s waged a vendetta against conservatism and President Donald Trump that borders on pathological obsession.

Today, the president, as he does, tweeted a response to the firing of NBC's Matt Lauer over allegations of sexual misconduct. O’Donnell re-tweeted the response but added the scribbled words, "child rapist."

Woman, what the hell is wrong with you?

I get that Donald Trump’s Twitter comments are ripe for mocking. They’re often juvenile and ridiculous. There’s a North Korean dictator with a Napoleon complex testing long-range missiles that could send us into the Stone Age, and this guy is tweeting about Matt Lauer? But for O’Donnell to post something this foul goes beyond any semblance of normalcy.

Look, the president wants a rise out of unhinged, ideologically-opposed wing nuts like O’Donnell, he baits them and they fall for it every time. Although none display the level of derangement and rancor this once very funny woman unleashes almost hourly.

Trump and O'Donnell have been feuding since 2006—beginning when, as then-owner of the Miss USA pageant, he allowed Miss USA Tara Conner to keep her crown even after reports of her cocaine use and promiscuity. O’Donnell ripped Trump on The View and he responded in kind, telling People magazine she was “a real loser” and a “woman out of control.”

It’s been the Hatfields and McCoys ever since.

Two weeks to the day after Trump won the presidential election—two days before Thanksgiving—O’Donnell went after his son, Barron, by suggesting on Twitter the boy suffers from autism, writing:

"Barron Trump Autistic? if so—what an amazing opportunity to bring attention to the AUTISM epidemic."

She included a YouTube link to a video compilation of Barron Trump clips which implied he displayed “autistic” behavior. Melania Trump threatened the creator of the video with a lawsuit if they didn’t remove it—they did.

To use a well-worn cliché, O’Donnell broke the internet. The outrage eruption was swift and sure. Then she backpedaled, claiming a pure motivation; that she just wanted to raise autism awareness. But when the assailing continued, it raised O’Donnell’s ire and she became more aggressive and viler than usual. In fact, when I commented on Twitter about it, O’Donnell told me, “Go f**k yourself.”

This is a comedienne?

O’Donnell first made a name for herself on the old television talent show, Star Search. She was genuinely funny. Her daytime talk show in the late ’90s showed a sincere, warm, and engaging person.

What happened?

Over the years, O’Donnell’s increasingly erratic diatribes, from The View to Twitter, point to a person lost in the abyss of narcissism and loathing. With the election of Donald Trump as president, any semblance of the talented comedienne was lost to malevolence and an unhealthy fixation.

O’Donnell’s Twitter feed is a whirling dervish of negativity. President Trump could find a cure for cancer and she’d complain he was putting oncologists out of work. If the reason anyone cared about O’Donnell in the first place was because she was a comic, why then, if she no longer tells jokes, is she relevant at all?

O’Donnell should just retire to the alcove under the stairs and then seek professional help. Seriously.

Or Rosie, you can always take your own advice and go f**k yourself.

DAVE ERICKSON is the author, with Fox News contributor, Nick Adams, of the book, "The Case Against the Establishment."

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