• Dave Erickson

University Says "Man Up" is Offensive. What a Spaz!

A university has taken up an educational campaign called “You Don’t Say” where it warns students to avoid certain words and phrases some people might find offensive.

California State University Chico, at the urging of its Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC), is putting up posters around campus displaying these so-called offensive words and phrases with a warning to avoid using them.

Haley Kroll, the co-president of SAAC says, “Everyone is welcome here. We are a family. We want everyone to feel included, and we want our language to reflect that.”

Yeah, well Kroll is the personification of how our college campuses have turned into little dystopian pastures where nary a coddled sprite should ever need a backbone to brave the barbarity of words.

Words like, “man up.”

See, “man up,” on the Chico campus, insinuates women can’t be courageous. Really? I always thought it meant, don’t be a p*ssy.” Oh wait, you can’t say that either, because a part of a woman’s body should never be used as a connotation for weakness. Read the poster!

Now, I’m old school. I’m old, I get it, or maybe that’s why I don’t get it. I was raised at a time when my parents and authority figures told me “sticks and stones would break my bones but names would never hurt me.”

But the authority figures these days indulge the martyr mentality, where everyone is a victim, taking offense at words and phrases determined to be offensive by sheltered elitists occupying college campuses. Run for a safe space kids, there’s rhetoric, incoming!

God knows how any of us over the age of 30 survived high school.

Spaz? You wouldn’t want to be caught using that word on the Chico campus… that would be retarded.

So who decides when a word is actually offensive and when a meathead is just being a meathead? Don’t we get to decided that for ourselves?

If George Carlin told us in the early 70’s the most inappropriate words for some were the "seven dirty words you can’t say on TV," then who is telling us now we can’t say things like… “coward?”

Yep, coward, at Cal State Chico that’s considered offensive because as the poster says, “you can’t judge someone else by your own standards.”

Actually, yes, I can! By definition that’s what judging is. I can judge by my standards, by the law, by the Constitution, by the Code of Hammurabi, any standard I want… and the standard for cowardice is generally universal-- you’re being a pussy, so man up.

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