• Dave Erickson

I Pledge Allegiance to REDACTED

When truth is buried by agenda pushers, a constitutionally free press should stand on the highest roof and shout like my sister at a Rick Springfield concert. But as we've seen every day this week, when the buried truth upsets a carefully honed narrative fitting their own political view, the mainstream media suddenly goes mute and hopes you won't notice.

On Monday, the Department of Justice released the transcript of the 911 call made by the Orlando shooter, Omar Mateen. What was shocking wasn't what was IN it, it's what WASN'T. DOJ scrubbed references to ISIS, changed the word "Allah" to "God", and then claimed in a statement, "We did not want to provide the killer or terrorist organizations with a publicity platform for hateful propaganda."

If you buy that, I've got a plot of gorgeous land in Damascus you can have cheap.

The Obama administration attempted to pretend radical Islam doesn't exist-- to assume the lemming culture accepts its narrative-- to possess the unmitigated arrogance to attempt a coverup shielding us from the truth-- to hide the indisputable fact that radical Islam drove the terrorist who murdered more than four-dozen people in the name of Allah.

As syndicated columnist Ben Shapiro aptly asked that day, if the 911 call had included Jesus or the NRA, you think the government would have censored the transcript?

We know the answer.

Think the mainstream media would have shouted THAT from the roof top?

We know the answer.

It took five hours of social media outcry, before the Feds bowed to pressure and released the UNredacted transcripts. What's concerning is the mainstream media doesn't care.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch held a news conference regarding the Orlando investigation, and not a single reporter, not one, asked about the transcripts, and why the government chose to censor them.

Not one.

On Wednesday, Lynch refused to say whose decision it was to censor the transcript, because, of course she did.

"The goal is of course the greatest transparency. The initial thought was we did not want to provide a further platform for the propaganda of the killer," she said. Well, which is it? If there's transparency, you wouldn't have edited the transcript. Hiding critical information the public has a right to know isn't transparency, it's censorship.

And the mainstream media not caring, well, that's (REDACTED.)

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