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#PrayForOrlando then #STFU

Like you, I've watched with horror the events of this weekend. And the horrifying aftermath of a terrorist attack on a great American city. Orlando is vibrant. A city in which I spent nine years. A city where I covered the news for many years and made lasting friendships. Orlando was good to me.

I've also watched in horror the knee-jerk reaction found in moronic, ignorant posts littering my Facebook and Twitter feeds. Add to that the equally moronic comments from advocacy groups and community leaders-- up to and including the President of the United States.

Pull your head from the rears of agenda pushers, log out of Facebook, and silence the ubiquitous racket of a thousand TV pundits.

Mantras are everywhere. One Facebook post after another, profile pics with a rainbow overlay, 'cause, ya know, we're sensitive, and hashtags that prove we care.

Here's a hashtag...


For the love of God, stop. Stop the mindless rants of the ill-informed. Tweets like this:

"Support the LGBT community." "Stop the hate against gays!"


What happened in Orlando isn't a "hate" crime. Unless by "hate" you mean radical Islam. A seven-day-a-week, mind-numbingly-difficult-for-the-sane-to-understand culture, where homosexuals are murdered simply for being homosexual. These extremists perpetuate this archaic and vitriolic mindset every day in ragtag places you don't talk about with your hipster barista.

The comfort of free Starbucks wi-fi and an overstuffed chair don't quite lend themselves to real-life observation. Maybe if people spent time on the Afghan-Pakistan border like, oh, a decorated former Army Ranger, they'd post things more well-reasoned.


The gay narrative isn't all that's perpetuated today. My Facebook page is filled with people pushing gun-control harder than my father did brussels sprouts down my throat when I was 5. The righteously indignant never let a tragedy lay idly by when there's an agenda to push. Of course their thoughts are never original. It's the stuff picked up sitting in the bandwagon section of society, where independent thought and fact is as likely to be found as Jimmy Hoffa.

Gun control doesn't fix this. Gun control doesn't stop radical Islamic terrorism. Terrorists damn sure aren't laying down their weapons because a social justice warrior armed with a vicious hashtag says so. And I would submit had someone been inside that Orlando club with a concealed carry permit and a legally obtained handgun, Omar Mateen might not have been alive to kill 50 people.

By the way, Mateen's weapons? Bought legally. However, maybe we should more fully check the mental health backgrounds of a potential gun buyer. Mass shooters are lunatics. Terrorists that much more so. Regular people don't buy a Sig Sauer MCX carbine and go on killing sprees. Say what you will about Ted Nugent's sometime incoherent ramblings, but here, he's right.

But ne'er-do-wells love to use tragedy. They're typically too lazy to bother with facts. They are blissfully unaware or aware but ambivalent, to the fact that it's times like these the Founding Fathers had in mind when crafting the constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are ruined.” - Patrick Henry

Liberty is the stake here. Acknowledge the enemy-- radical Islamic terrorism. Research and think. If you so choose, since we live in a free society made free by those who fought WITH GUNS, post something resembling rational thought. It's much more persuasive than the rant of a lemming.

But if rational "think before you post" behavior is beyond your grasp, then do my Facebook feed a favor and...


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