​It shocks me just how ballsy the guy is. Dave is witty, edgy, and undeniably funny.

Dave is the perfect blend is snark and sincerity.  He doesn't mince words and isn't afraid to take risks. It's refreshing!

Dave keeps us laughing. He really does.


Contributor, FOX News

Dave Erickson is brilliant, creative, and insightful.

Emmy® winning TV host


Host of VH1's "Dating Naked"


Anchor, HLN



October 9, 2016

After weeks of momentum, pulling his nationwide polling scores nearly dead even with Hillary Clinton, the campaign of Donald J. Trump slammed into a wall of deliciously decadent discourse (alliteration alert!) that will likely determine debate discourse. (I warned you....

October 4, 2016

Tonight, for one night only, see the two-man battle royale, from Farmville, Virginia, the 2016 Vice Presidential Debate!

It’s a “mano a mano” showdown as Democratic Senator Tim Kaine and Republican Indiana Governor Mike Pence square off in an epic fight to redeem their...

September 23, 2016

I just read this semester's catalogue for Progressive U, and stumbled upon an exciting new course! 

Wussification 101: Examines core concepts of taking offense at everything in society no matter the intent. Focuses on creating adults unable to process life in...

September 13, 2016

Words. Those seemingly innocuous things rolling off the tongue bringing to life thoughts, ideas, laughter, hope, faith, despair, and every manner of emotion. Some words enlighten, some encourage, some offend, and in the English language there are words so deeply offens...

August 9, 2016

For every Michael Phelps, there's an overflowing toilet. For every Katie Ledecky, there's a feces-infused stream of water. For every Fiji gold medal-favorite rugby team, someone gets assaulted in the streets. For every Simone Biles there's a commercial-filled telecast...

August 4, 2016

If you ever wanted an illustration of the devolution of society, two words: Pokemon Go. 

Hey, let's find a charmander! Look, over there, a magikarp!  Sweet mother of Jesus, a rhyhorn in your front yard! 

This is how we choose to spend our time. In a world with ISIS,...

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